Aquaterra Champions takes place August 24-26, 2018.

Champions Volunteer Registration

Thank you for taking the time to volunteer!

Our new form is available so you can Register to Volunteer for Aquaterra Champions 2018!

It's a bit large - there are tons of options for you to choose! - so it opens in its own window. 

Please send feedback on the volunteer form itself to the Webminister so we can improve.

Request for Letters of Intent for Champions

Greetings Good People of Aquaterra,

For the upcoming Champion’s event, to be held on the weekend of August 24th, we would like to receive Letters of Intent from the entrants in all disciplines.
The Letter of Intent can be delivered to us prior to the event or when the entrants present themselves in morning Court.

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Site Description

This site is a flat, open field about 25 acres in size.

There is no water and no electrical power.

There is cell phone service.

You will need to bring drinking and washing water - make sure you bring enough!

If you're fighting or otherwise active, you may need much, much more. (And please bring enough to bathe afterwards!) Here is a custom water consumption calculator is predicting 80 degree weather for the weekend.

Encouraging a new way to reference RV campers that isn't as offensive as the current terminology

The An Tin Clan

RVs, you are boondocking. There are no water or power hookups on site.

There are no dump facilities on site, but there is one at Anacortes Park and one at the wastewater treatment plant in Anacortes that have rinse water and do not charge a fee. Check hours for availability.

Event Schedule

Hear ye, hear ye...

Our glorious Barony seeks new Champions!

If you intend to seek a Championship, please familiarize yourself with the Requirements for Champions.

Site opens to all 3pm on Friday; site closes 3pm Sunday. This is a camping event with activities planned for all three days!

Championships are on Saturday and the Sable Rose will hold tourneys on Sunday.


Camping, RV, and Feast reservations opening soon.


  Weekend Saturday Only Sunday Only Feast
Adult $20 $15 $10 +$5
Youth 0-17 Free Free Free +$5