• Fun!
  • Loaner gear is available for any fighter who does not have all of the secondaries required for the tournament.


Each fighter will fight with a different secondary weapon each round.

No secondary is to be reused until after all 5 secondaries have been used once. (Which will be after the 5th round).

Fighters do not have to match secondary weapons (dagger/dagger, etc.). Each fighter may select any eligible secondary remaining; or, if after the fifth round, any secondary s/he desires.

Fights ending in simultaneous deaths will be refought once; if death is again simultaneous, it is mutually destructive (both fighters lose).

The weapon pairings are (in no particular order) a Single-Handed Rapier and a secondary from this list:

  • Open Hand
  • Dagger
  • Cloak
  • Baton/Cane
  • Shield