Round Robin for each game if 4 or less entrants.

If more, randomly draw lots to split into groups for each game, then round robin in each group. Adjust as needed to ensure participants play the same number of games total. 

Time Limit

20 minutes per game

Games to be played


For each game, record wins. A draw is a half point for each player.
For each game pool (in case there is more than one):

1st place in pool: 5 points
2nd place in pool: 3 points
3rd place in pool: 1 point
4th or lower: 0 points.

Ties in a pool split places. Example: A tie for 1st would split first and second: (5+3)/2 = 4 points each.

Most points wins the tourney. In case of a tie in points, the tied players will play a game of Ringo, or agree on one of the other games.

Remember, the first rule is have fun!