• Entrants must submit an advance declaration by Aug 1st with a general description of the project so that appropriate judges can be found. 
  • One project at least 50% complete, or finished.
  • One period tool, technique, or manufactured period component required for that project.
  • Documentation is required.


Entrants will present their project and the tool/technique/component.

Presentation should consist of 1 project, finished or at least 50% complete, and 1 period tool, technique, or manufactured period component that is instrumental in making that project. The presentation should focus at least 50% on that tool and its use in period. 

The goal is to dig deeper into the equipment, techniques and components made in period to make the end product, and the maker's efforts to study or reproduce those techniques, tools and components.


Product: An oak chair

Tool: A hand plane, broad axe, or chisel. 

Not a discussion of oak wood.

Product : A Scottish highland woven scarf

Tool : A spinning wheel, the dye process, or a period loom.

 Not a presentation on sheep or wool, period or otherwise.

Product : A painting

Tool :  A paintbrush, period paint, or vellum.

Not a presentation on the painting styles of 15th Century Poland.