Ursulmas Crafts

Medieval arts and sciences will be on display to learn about and enjoy!

Crafts, Merchants, and Village of Ursulwyck

Spinning Ursulmas 2008 The Society encourages education in the Medieval arts and the creation of everyday objects that enhance and bring beauty to the Living History created herein.

Many take part in displaying and demonstrating their crafts and skill in the Village of Ursulwyck located in the Grandstands building.

There will be a variety of items created by our wonderful medieval artisans for all to view and appreciate.

For Society participants:

We welcome static, educational displays of your competitive A&S presentations of yore! Dust off those displays and presentations for use as part of the Village of Ursulwyck! Please contact ursulwyck@usulmas.org to coordinate the arrival and display of your items.

Arts & Sciences display competition shall also be located among the Marketplace and Village of Ursulwyck. Please contact display@ursulmas.org.